Nicemay is a national high-tech enterprise, has passed the European BSCI factory audit , and gets the international ISO13485 medical management qualification . Till now Nicemay owns more than 300 patents. In the past twelve years, our footprints and partners are all over the world.

Our core advantages -- quality and design


To enhance the product quality , Nicemay  starts to use the dust-free workshop for the injection components part and mass production assembly. At the same time Nicemay keeps using international quality standard, 100% on-line inspection , 1hour random inspection and 100% life test . Nicemay owns 30 inspection employees’ team . To make sure the quality for each batch cargo. And owns three dust-free workshops , 5 production lines  ,monthly production capacity reaches to 300,000.00 pcs to meet your order request.

Innovative Design

Because of the effort of our 30 professional engineers  and 10 ID designers’ team , Nicemay works out 15-20 new items per each year. And the main design concept is to let clients enjoy the period of their daily skin care. The designer adds the latest fashion element into the product appearance design, that makes the beauty device is not only a simple device but also a fashion accessary.

Besides, Our marketing and sales team keeps tracking the clients’ and market feedback for the products . Keep making the upgrade plan for the product .That makes our product be more competitive for the market. 



We will provide your buyers with reasonable skin care procedures based on their skin types. We will do everything we can to make consumers have a luxurious skin care experience, which is time-saving, relaxing and reassuring. Therefore, we always advocate that relaxing skin care should be part of daily life. We guarantee that it will be a charming and fascinating experience when using our products. Multifunctional devices allow consumers to indulge in treatments usually found only in professional spas and salons, without having to spend a lot of money. Most of them are suitable for all skin type , allowing you to enjoy a skin-friendly, safe and non-irritating skin care experience.

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